V.I.R.T.U.E.S of Eco-Logic: R is for RECONNECTION with NATURE


The silk woven by a golden orb spider is proportionately stronger than the steel cable we typically use in construction and industry!

Isn’t that amazing!?

And that’s not the best of it. Think of the mess, waste and pollution we create and the massive amount of energy we use to make steel cable.

Yet with no mess, no waste and no pollution, the spider makes a superior product, stronger and more flexible than we can make!

Here’s another illustration of Nature’s superior technology. Despite the fact that snakes move over ground, through dirt, mud and swamps – you will never see a ‘dirty snake’! Why? Because clever snake has developed a skin that dirt cannot adhere to. Imagine if we learned to make our clothing like that. Imagine the huge savings of water and energy and no more need for polluting detergents.

Why do you think I am telling you this?

It’s to illustrate that Nature is not ‘dumb’ and to realize that we can benefit enormously if we change our misguided belief in ‘human superiority’ and have the humility and open-mindedness to look and learn from Nature.  

Well, the good news is that we are beginning to do that. At the cutting edge of science today is the art/science of ‘Biomimicry’ (mimicking/copying Nature). And from that we are improving many of our essential products, medicines and industrial processes. See the link at the end of this post for wonderful examples of this.

This goes to show that not only does Nature provide us with all the essential elements we need to survive like air, food and water – but if we carefully look and learn from Nature, she can also help us to THRIVE!

To push the point a bit more, there is growing evidence that children who spend time in Nature (instead of being mesmerized in front of an array of screens) tend to be physically healthier, mentally more creative and emotionally more balanced. It’s also well recognised that spending time in Nature is an effective way to alleviate stress and depression. It lifts the human spirit.

So these are just a few good reasons to re-connect with and to protect Nature.

But, there is another serious reason – focusing on a darker side.

That is – to be alert and willing to TAKE ACTION against those ignorant and greedy few who are destroying the eco-systems and creatures that are our life-support systems for the sake of their own selfish financial profit.

Let’s name a few:

  • President Bolsonaro of Brazil – who promotes the burning of the Amazon for commercial reasons.  He is deliberately destroying a vital eco-system that produces oxygen for us to breathe.  That’s potentially more dangerous and life-threatening than COVID-19!
  • President Trump – who is aggressively undoing legislation to protect US wildlife and eco-systems – again for the sake of short term financial profit. How incredibly foolish and short-sighted.

And here in South Africa – Not only do we have Elephant and Rhino poaching, but many less-known destructive commercial activities including the overfishing of sharks to supply the Australian Fish ‘n’ Chips market. The science is very clear: at the current rate of shark fishing, not only does SA stand to lose its most iconic shark species (the great White Shark), but this is having a devastating knock-on impact on the tourism industry, on our economy and the health of our entire marine ecosystem (See links below this article for more on this).


To increase our level of awareness and to tap into an endless source of pleasure, I invite you to take just seven minutes per day, every day to do two things:

1. Take two minutes to focus your awareness on just how much we depend on Nature for our own health and well-being and cultivate a sense of gratitude (which is a key to experiencing Joy) for the air, water and food that Nature provides us with. Remember that your own body is made up of the Earth’s materials and we are therefore actually a part of Nature. Recognise that if we allow the Earth to be abused and her eco-systems destroyed – it will have a knock-on effect on our own health. If we assist the Earth to recover from past abuses and we help restore Nature to a healthy state – this will positively affect our own health and our children’s future well-being.

2. Take the next 5 minutes to tap into the joy and pleasure that Nature can give you.

All you need do is to spend 5 minutes carefully studying one thing in Nature.

It can be a tree, a rock, clouds, a bird, flowing water or any other single element of Nature that appeals to you.

Study it carefully to see the beauty in it. The more closely you examine it – the more beauty you will see in it and the more pleasure you will experience. Your mind may wander. But don’t be worried by this, it’s natural. When you become aware that your thoughts have wandered – just return your focus on your chosen element of Nature.

Not only will this increase your mental power of concentration (that is useful in all aspects of life) but after 5 minutes of seeing and experiencing the beauty in Nature, you are likely to feel calmer, more refreshed and energized.  You will discover an endless source of pleasure – that costs only a small amount of your time each day. And this joy will have an accumulatively positive effect in your life! 


In our next Blog – ‘Are you intellectually hopping on one leg, instead of running on two?’

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