Enter The Eco-Logic Awards 2020

You are invited to nominate an eco-champion that you believe is making a positive contribution towards creating an eco-logical society and environment – or nominate your own organisation, product or project under one (or more) of the following 12 Categories.

(Please note: The Eco-Logic Awards are currently only for organisations operating in South Africa)

Read more on judging criteria here.

1. The Biodiversity Award
Awarded to an organisation for a successful biodiversity protection, rehabilitation, or damage mitigation programme

2. The Climate Change Award
Awarded to an organisation that has achieved a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions

3. The Eco-Innovation Award
For a new product or service that is financially viable and sustainable, that serves the needs of humans whilst being equally beneficial to the Earth and its eco-systems

4. The Recycling and Waste Management Award
For a policy, programme or project that has demonstrably contributed to a greater public understanding and participation in waste reduction, re-use and recycling

5. The Eco-Build Award
For innovations, adaptations, products or services that improve the environmental sustainability and/or resilience of a (new or existing) building.

6. The Water Conservation Award
For a product or service that results in water saving.

7. The Green Economy Award
For a business organisation that provides a product, service or programme that supports the growth of the Green Economy in South Africa.

8. The Municipalities Award
Awarded to a municipality that has developed solutions using its risk assessment and management expertise, forming strategic partnerships to improve sustainability, as well as service delivery in municipal functions.

9.The Eco-Community Award
For a community that has acted collectively to protect, preserve, or restore the Earths life forms, eco-systems, or natural resources.

10. The Eco-Youth Award
For an individual of 26 years or under who can show that their actions have protected, preserved or improved the Earth’s eco-systems and natural resources.

11. The Eco-Angel Award
For an individual, whose actions have conserved, nurtured or restored the Earth’s life forms, eco-systems, or natural resources.

12. The Eco-Warrior Award
For an individual, whose actions have defended, protected or prevented damage to the Earth’s life forms, eco-systems, or natural resources.

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