2023 ECO-HEALTH AND WELLNESS Award Finalists


For health, wellness and beauty products that whilst serving the needs of human beings are also supportive of and beneficial for the Earth's biodiversity and eco-systems.

Esse Skincare

Esse Skincare, an innovative microbiome skincare brand was conceived in 2000 and born in 2002, with the move into probiotic skincare taking off in 2009. Esse puts ethics before profit and doesn't believe in damaging the skin in pursuit of short-term results. Esse’s honest, scientific and ethical approach to skincare is what makes us unique.

The idea of Esse was conceived when Trevor Steyn, a newly certified Organic Chemist, got involved in research on new pharmaceuticals from indigenous plants. When offered the chance to help with a skincare product formulation, studies revealed to Trevor how the cosmetic industry was not very health-conscious. Realizing the potential of natural actives in skin care presented an opportunity to create a brand that was organic and ethical. Since its inception, Esse has continued to be at the forefront of microbiome skincare, and actively researches the application of new probiotic species and delivery methods to combat ageing and optimize skin health.


SOiL Organic Aromatherapy

For nearly two decades, SOiL has been a trusted provider of an extensive selection of premium, cost-effective, certified organic, and natural products in the global health and wellness industry. Our commitment to providing natural alternatives to common and complicated ailments and enhancing home fragrance is reflected in our “farm-to-shelf” approach, ensuring that every product in our range is created and delivered with utmost care and integrity.


The Apothecary Skin & Personal care range

The Apothecary strives to Make It Better at all times & is devoted to making wholesome, natural personal & home care products that are exceptionally well hand-crafted & care for you, your home & your wider environment. The Apothecary is a 100% woman-owned & operated local business that’s been making our gentle & effective body & home care products since 2010. Each item is made from pure, simple, high quality ingredients sourced with great thoughtfulness & packaged with love & care. Edible, compostable & harmless in the environment, our range pampers our customers while respecting the world we live in. Nothing is wasted & we weigh up the impact of every process & ingredient we use to ensure that we are always working to Make It Better for all of us.

The Apothecary refuses to compromise on goodness. We Make It Better with every action. We make products that benefit our customers & have a positive impact on wider society & the broad environment throughout their production, use & beyond.