2023 Eco-MUNICIPALITY Award Finalists


For a municipality that is developing solutions using its risk assessment and management expertise, forming strategic partnerships to improve sustainability, service delivery and address appropriately and adequately social risk issues in municipal functions.

Cape Winelands District Municipality: C-19 – Snakes and Ladders – Development of Community Safety


In 2020, facing the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cape Winelands District Municipality took a visionary approach to educate children about safety through the 'C-19 – Snakes and Ladders' board game. This innovative initiative empowered children with knowledge and encouraged responsible behaviours while making learning fun. The municipality envisions expanding this concept to address other safety risks, creating a versatile tool for educating and empowering children.


City of Tshwane: Partnerships for Enhanced Disaster and Climate Resilience

The City of Tshwane's "Partnerships for Enhanced Disaster and Climate Resilience" project prioritizes disaster and climate resilience. Through preventative maintenance, stormwater drainage system upkeep, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs), and fire hydrant maintenance, the project addresses emergency preparedness. Collaborating with organizations like Santam and Hollard Insure, the city empowers its youth with firefighting and first aid training while contributing to community safety.


eThekwini Municipality: Transformative Riverine Management Programme

eThekwini Municipality envisions becoming Africa's most caring and liveable city by 2030, and its Transformative Riverine Management Programme (TRMP) is a forward-thinking step towards this goal. The TRMP focuses on revitalizing and sustainably managing riverine areas, essential for providing crucial services and safeguarding against climate change impacts. This integrated approach promotes ecological restoration, community engagement, and economic opportunities, offering a strategic investment with promising returns for a resilient, sustainable future.