2023 Eco-ANGEL Award Finalists


For an individual, whose caring and nurturing actions have saved, conserved, or restored the Earth’s biodiversity, eco-systems, or natural resources.

Helen Turnbull - CEO Cape Leopard Trust

Helen’s commitment to conservation began through her work in the aviation industry. She returned to South Africa from the UK in 2001 and founded a consultancy, specialising in sustainable and ethical tourism practices, uniting her expertise in tourism with a passion to support conservation and social development.

In January 2013, Helen joined the Cape Leopard Trust (CLT) as a Project Coordinator and in 2015 assumed the role of CEO. During the past decade under Helen’s leadership, the CLT has developed as a dynamic and well-respected conservation NGO which protects leopards in the Cape of South Africa. Her unwavering dedication to conservation, her business acumen, and her interpersonal skills have led to the success of groundbreaking research, innovative conservation initiatives benefitting people and wildlife, and transformative environmental education programs. The CLT team believes that this is the moment to reward her for an extraordinary contribution.


Jane Trembath - Korsman Conservancy

Jane Trembath is an 'accidental conservationist' who became chairperson of the volunteer group Korsman Conservancy in 2014. Under Jane's leadership, the wetland Korsman Bird Sanctuary has been transformed from a near-wasteland of weeds, reeds and litter into a healthy ecosystem and jewel of Benoni.

Jane has applied her self-taught leadership skills she learnt as a long-range airline captain, to tackle every aspect of the environment, build relationships with the community and municipality, and manage volunteers.

Jane has applied her fighting spirit and tenacity into improving all aspects of the environment, especially controlling invasive flora and fauna for which she developed innovative tools and techniques. Jane has also battled for improving water quality when sewerage spills threatened the wetland. Through her activism, City of Ekurhuleni is now upgrading the local systems to protect the Sanctuary.


Jonathan Leeming

Jonathan’s work focuses upon reducing the burden of spider bites and scorpion stings in Southern Africa, through 2 different approaches.

- Assisting and educating medical professionals and veterinarians regarding spiders and scorpions. This complements their medical understanding.

- Educating the general public to reduce the chance of being bitten and stung, and if a bite or sting does occur, how to ensure the best possible outcome in humans and other animals.

These 2 areas of focus, grant Jonathan the opportunity to be able to assist medical professionals and organisations, and help people in their time of need. Both areas of focus require a clear and unbiased values and beliefs towards spiders and scorpions.