The Eco-Logic Climate Change Award Champions




The Eco-Logic Climate Change Award  recognises an organisation that has achieved a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions. Read more about how our five finalists are helping to mitigate climate change!






The ACRP works with climate leaders across Africa to support climate change action, advocacy and awareness, as well as promote the development and implementation of renewable energy.

African Climate Reality Project – Food & Trees for Africa 

The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP) is a branch of Nobel Prize Laureate Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project that develops, maintains and supports Climate Leaders across the continent, enabling them to promote climate change action, awareness, events and solutions.

At the core of the ACRP’s efforts in 2015 was the Road to Paris campaign initiated by Al Gore and UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. The campaign developed public awareness and support of the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris at the end of 2015.

ACRP generated support for the South African Government to commit to its intended nationally determined contribution (INDC) that was put forward to the UN on time. This INDC represents the country’s post-2020 action plan under a new international climate agreement.

Additionally, this year ACRP called for a shift to the use of 40% renewable energy in South Africa by 2030. We provide education and awareness on climate change to Africa’s people through social media and provide an effective platform for individuals from around the continent to exchange knowledge and ideas and to take climate action now!


Part of the dynamic African Climate Reality Project team

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The farm is where nature and our food chain meet!  CCC assists the fruit and wine sector to accurately measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

Confronting Climate Change Initiative

This cross-industry initiative supports the South African fruit and wine sectors’ efforts to effectively realise and respond to the opportunities and challenges posed by climate change. Blue North Sustainability (Pty) Ltd manages the project on behalf of the industry bodies with financial and strategic support from the industry bodies and the Western Cape Department of Agriculture. WWF also provides important strategic support to the project.
CCC enables farms, packhouses, wineries and other entities across the supply-chain to accurately measure their carbon-emissions intensity via our free carbon emissions calculator. Technical training helps to plan for greater resource-use efficiency, reduced emissions and the long-term sustainability of business activities and operations.

The CCC tool has been endorsed by the Carbon Trust, a leading UK based carbon footprint consultancy.  A major milestone of the project is the development of robust and representative industry benchmarks of the carbon emissions of each major commodity.


The CCC Project helps South Africa’s fruit and wine sectors to respond to climate change.


Technical training helps to plan for the future


Point irrigation is one of the ways to manage water


Africa’s first fossil fuel divestment campaign encourages organisations to divest its funds held in fossil fuel companies, and instead use these funds to accelerate the renewable energy revolution.

Fossil Free South Africa (FFSA) 

In November 2013, Africa’s first fossil fuel divestment campaign, Fossil Free South Africa – FFSA, was launched at the University of Cape Town (UCT). The objective is to encourage UCT, and other organisations, to divest its funds held in fossil fuel companies, and instead use these funds to accelerate the renewable energy revolution. Constructive engagements have been taken up with UCT administrators and an on-campus student and staff movement has been established. This recently resulted in FFSA being invited by the vice chancellor to sit on a task to develop an ethical investment policy, which includes divestment/reinvestment. FFSA has undertaken a country-wide road show to expand the campaign and this resulted in wide media coverage and other campaigns being started. Other universities and organisations are also being encouraged to divest and meetings with financial institutions have been held to encourage the development of ethical investment funds. Archbishop Tutu, Ronnie Kasrils and others have endorsed the Fossil Free South Africa (FFSA) campaign.

FFSA awareness raising on UCT campus

FFSA awareness raising on the University of Cape Town campus

FFSA Pic team - students and staff - have higher res pic somewhere



FFSA's David le Page addresses students at UCT

FFSA’s David le Page addresses students at UCT

Ecobrick logo


The Exchange is an environmental awareness campaign that facilitates the construction of preschools  using unrecyclable plastic waste.

The EcoBrick Exchange

The EcoBrick Exchange (EBE) is an environment awareness campaign that facilitates the construction of preschools in South African townships using unrecyclable plastic waste material.

Plastic waste is compressed into low cost EcoBricks – a highly insulating building material that are water and fire-proof.

The project addresses the shortage of quality early education in South African townships and poor domestic waste management and pollution.

Made by simply compressing plastic waste into 2L plastic bottles, EcoBricks are a low cost and highly insulating building material. Since they were first used in Central America various systems have been developed to package EcoBricks into walls so that they are water and fire-proof.



Children with recyclables in the production of Eco-Bricks

This project educates communities about domestic waste

Swop Shop at Walmer Township

Swop Shop at Walmer Township

The EcoBrick Exchange. Penguins Preschool Students. Copy right by Roxanne Klein Photography

Penguins Pre-School students



Wilcote logo


Wilcote’s aim is to provide long term, cost effective enviro friendly systems to enhance our Customers’ Dreams.

Wilcote Franchising CC

Wilcote Waterproofing, Roofing and Painting is a family business that offers the most affordable, eco-friendly, long term solutions, to our customers to enhance their dreams.

Wilcote manufacture, supply and apply building maintenance products made from the best available eco-friendly resources. Our products are used in conjunction with our tried and tested systems and solutions, which all carry guarantees.

Wilcote has access to global suppliers, with new technology and expertise. Our products meet all the European eco and enviro-friendly standards and requirements.


Wilcote staff apply wood sealer

Wilcote is conversant and highly experienced with the restoration and repair of all types of roofs

Wilcote is conversant and highly experienced with the restoration and repair of all types of roofs