The Eco-Logic Awards

The Eco-Logic Awards identify individuals, organisations and communities that positively contribute towards a sustainable world – and encourage consumers to purchase their products and services.

The Enviropaedia established the Annual Eco-Logic Awards in 2011. These have since grown into South Africa’s most Glamorously Green eco-calendar event, receiving extensive TV, radio, print media and online coverage.

Each year, we invite the public to nominate their Eco-Champions, highlighting how they contribute to an ‘Eco-Logically’ sustainable society and environment. There are 13 environmental categories  to enter.

A team of highly respected, environmentally-aware individuals then judge all entries using 7 criteria that are the ‘roots’ of Eco-Logic and select finalists in each category.
Finalists are invited to join an exclusive group of Green VIP’s and thought leaders at the  Eco-Logic Awards Gala event. Guests are encouraged to dress in Glamorously Green or Alter-Eco Ego outfits.

The event starts with a lively networking session, culminating in the crowning of South Africa’s top eco-champions. One of the highlights is the announcement of the winner of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, as selected by The Enviropaedia, in consultation with partners.