We are looking for products, services, projects, individuals or organisations that embrace and reflect the following values and qualities

  1. VISION – lifts us above ‘doom and gloom’ beliefs and attitudes – inspiring and motivating us to achieve an environmentally healthy and sustainable future (10 points)
  2. INCLUSIVENESS – looking (holistically and systemically) beyond our own narrow focussed interests and objectives to see how we can achieve synergies and mutual benefit for others impacted by our business activities (10 points)
  3. RECONNECTION AND BUILDING A REGENERATIVE RELATIONSHIP WITH NATURE- by minimising harm to the Earth (10 Points) and creating benefits for the Earth and its eco-systems (another 10 points)
  4. THREE DIMENTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – utilising a combination of Instincts, Intellect and Intuition (3DI) to produce innovative products or services that are intellectually and emotionally intelligent ( smart + feel-good = Wise) (20 points)
  5. UBUNTU – building a mutually respectful, caring and co-operative society (10 points)
  6. ECO-ETHICAL PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION – producing goods and services of high quality (durable) in a manner that has minimum negative impact on people and planet and produces no waste (recyclable or upcyclable) (20 points)
  7. SUSTAINABLE – reflects long-term thinking and planning (10 points)

Enter the Awards

You are invited to nominate an eco-champion that you believe is making a positive contribution towards creating an eco-logical society and environment – or nominate your own organisation, product or project.