Judging Criteria

  The judging criteria evaluate the motivation and quality of thinking and behaviour, focusing on how these positively or negatively affect our Earth.

  • Quality counts more than quantitative measures that indicate how much saving or improvement was achieved. This approach levels the playing field between small and large players.
  • Each entry will be judged on the following 7 Principles or ‘Roots’ of Eco-Logic:


The seven Roots of Eco-Logic form the judging criteria for the Eco-Logic Awards. We assess how a project/ initiative/ Eco-champion:

  1. Minimises harm to the Earth/ Benefits the Earth? (20 points)
  2. Supports long-term sustainability?  (10 points)
  3. Embraces Holistic thinking?  (10 points)
  4. Shows care and consideration for others (Ubuntu)?  (10 points)
  5. Is of high quality and ethical standards? (20 points)
  6. Demonstrates Innovation/ vision? (10 points)
  7. Reflects Wisdom by being both intelligent and generating a positive emotional impact ( smart + feel-good) (20 points)

While the above provides a maximum of 100 points – the advantages and benefits of becoming ‘an Eco-Logical human being’– are limitless!