Five game-changing inventions from our Eco-Innovation Finalists




When it comes to eco-innovation, this year’s Eco-Logic finalists have one thing in common: their products are set to enhance quality of life and biodiversity in South Africa and beyond.


Ceiling in a Can logo

 Tin roofs are hot ! We make insulated ceilings for shack houses so that poor people can save electricity and live in dignity.

Ceiling in a Can

This economical innovation provides fire retardant and waterproof insolation for shack dwellers, saving electricity and enhancing living conditions.

Most of South Africa’s five million shacks have corrugated iron or asbestos roofs without ceilings. Shack dwellers require electricity-hungry heaters and fans to mitigate summer heat and winter cold.

Ceiling In a Can consists of two separate cans of polymers – a by-product of the petroleum industry. After furniture in a home is removed, newspaper is spread on the floor and the contents of each can is mixed and poured evenly over it. The polymer foams, rises and hardens after 15 minutes.

Friends are enlisted to lift the ceiling, starting at the doorway. It is then attached to the shack’s rafters by means of chip board screws. The only tool required is a screwdriver!

With no transport costs – cans are delivered via free taxi services – this DIY process costs less than half of the cheapest opposition (gypsum board).


Two cans of Polymer are mixed together to create an insulating ceiling



Ceiling in a Can is already an award-winning product



The product is delivered free of charge to buyers


Warwick Leaper’s Eco-mc² System stores energy from renewable sources for longer than 30 years. There are no toxic emissions, zero carbon footprint, low operating costs.

Eco-mc² Compressed Air Hydraulic Energy Storage System –

LiGE (Pty) Limited

LiGE’s innovative compressed air energy storage “CAES” based product Eco-mc² offers a guaranteed solution that stores and supplies power, without the disadvantages of short lifespan battery-based systems.

Warwick Leaper’s Eco-mc² Compressed Air Energy Storage System, stores energy from renewable sources such as solar PV, for at least 30 years. There are no toxic emissions, zero carbon footprint, low operating costs and is 100% recyclable at the end of the systems life-span.  With the added advantage the by-product is WATER.

This patented approach achieves high round-trip efficiency, proven long lifetime, and low cost, allowing Eco-mc² to deliver a low “cost of energy” in comparison to competing storage technologies.

Warwick Leaper

Warwick Leaper


EC MC image

The Eco-mc² Compressed Air Energy Storage – has Zero Carbon Footprint, Zero to Landfill, supplies Energy & Water


 The Ekoguru app makes energy saving a fun, social and engaging family activity.

Ekoguru – Africa Focus Consulting

This energy awareness web app, transforms the normally boring, slow process of trying to change energy use habits into a fun, social and engaging family activity. The app encourages users to challenge each other through fun energy-saving task and dares.

Ekoguru audits player’s appliance data and recommends energy-efficient alternatives to purchase. Once a family has changed their energy habits and demand profile, Ekoguru helps determine the right size solar system for their house – and their financial breakeven on their solar investment.

Ekoguru allows manufacturers and suppliers of energy efficient home appliances and solar installers a platform to connect with existing and potential customers.

EkoGuru-team1The Eco-Guru Team


App screen with completed house and the members and money saved

App screen with completed house and the members and money saved


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 These floating treatment wetland Islands enhance water ecology and quality, creates micro-habitats and contribute to sustainable livelihoods. Ecological Engineering in action!

Floating Treatment Wetland Systems “AqueouSphere” – Baoberry

Water contamination is a serious concern South Africa. AqueouSphere Floating Treatment Wetland Islands (FTWI) are composed of a special designed and manufactured base mat planted with indigenous plants with researched phyto-remediating properties. They filter nitrates, phosphates, organic compounds, heavy metals, and other run-off contaminants and effectively reduce suspended solids and dissolved organic carbon in aquatic environments. AqueouSphere FTWI enhance water ecology and quality, creating a micro-habitat for surrounding species. The islands are cost-effective, low maintenance, can withstand water fluctuations and are suitable for deep and shallow water bodies. What makes the FTWI unique are the ability to be applied in wet and dry conditions and the subsequent application in shoreline and land remediation (including mine rehabilitation)activities. AqueouSphere FTWI can be plugged directly into existing wastewater bodies, rivers, impoundments (and even on land!) or customized to any form or size.



This innovation creates ‘islands’ that filter contaminated water


AqueouSphere and Egg

A bird’s egg on an AqueouSphere island


AqueouSphere and Research trials

AqueouSphere and Research trials

EcoV Logo

Green Tower’s patent pending improved method for water heating saves more than 80 percent of household energy consumption

 Green Tower – Eco-V

At Eco-V we believe improved energy efficiency and better use of abundant sunshine will make South Africa less reliant on the grid and grow the Green Economy.

Green Tower is our award-winning hybrid solar water heating appliance that saves on average 88 percent electricity compared to geysers, eliminating demand on the grid that helps prevent load shedding and saves up to 30 percent in water usage by monitoring and regulating hot water flow. A smart controller provides online information on energy consumption, hot water use and temperature and a modular design scales from single households to district water heating. Optional solar PV caters for off-grid operation in the form of a smart micro-grid that also provides electricity for LED lighting and essential appliances. Green Tower has been under development for three years and successful commercial pilot projects during 2015 have provided the opportunity to validate our business model.

Green Tower

The award-winning Green Tower

Allen Park Green Tower online controller 13 Aug15

An online smart controller provides online information about energy, water and temperature