First ever Eco-Logic Business Green Economy Initiative Award finalists!


ncpcThis year, The Enviropaedia and Eco-Logic Awards have introduced a new category. The Business Green Economy Award recognises a business organisation that provides a product, service or programme that supports the growth of the Green Economy in South Africa. We are proud to introduce you to our five finalists.


Cape Flats LIFE logo


Go green, support local…get greening with locally indigenous fynbos!

Cape Flats LIFE – bringing the Flats to life, one garden at a time.

Cape Flats LIFE

Local gets the green light with Cape Flats LIFE, a local green business and micro NPO operating in partnership with the City of Cape Town Nature Conservation and Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei to encourage the planting of locally indigenous and endemic flora. With the establishment of ecologically appropriate gardens, life returns to suburbia. These ‘gardens of life’ provide stepping stones between the City’s nature reserves, enhancing both biological and social welfare on the Cape Flats while conserving valuable fynbos wildlife.

A selection of plant species from local veld types, many of which are threatened with extinction, are grown by our Cape Flats fynbos nursery. The use of strictly local genetic stock produces plants that are well adapted to the harsh Cape summers, resulting in low maintenance, water-wise gardens. Plants, gardening advice and landscaping and eco-pool services are all supplied for greening projects that develop urban biodiversity corridors.

It is our dream to develop a retail nursery network across the City in 2016, with a view to making Cape lowland plant species easily accessible to the public. We strive to prove that ANYONE can reap the benefits of local biodiversity custodianship…!Meme

Go green, support local…get greening with locally indigenous fynbos!

Cape Flats LIFE – bringing the Flats to life, one garden at a time.

Dragonfly C


Gomphostigma virgatum C


Strandveld garden C


Mentha longifolia CAbove: Cape Flats fynbos supports a rich biodiversity.

GreenFin Logo


GreenFin is a proudly South African Financial Services company that assists households with the move to renewable energy. GreenFin makes going GREEN affordable!

GreenFin Financial Services

GreenFin makes going green affordable to all. In 2015 alone GreenFin financed over 100 households, contributing towards a carbon saving of over 550,000 kWh per year. GreenFin provides alternative and affordable payment options for acquiring expensive solar installations.

For Solar Installers:

– Free customer leads from the website

Upfront payment of 100% of the installation cost, improving their cashflow

Higher conversion rate, financing their customers who cannot afford the installation in cash.

For Clients:

– Approved solar suppliers in your geographic area

User friendly online application process

We pay the solar installer directly

Flexible repayment periods with competitive interest rates and repayments that closely match your electricity cost savings, thereby having little impact on your monthly disposable income.

In 2016 GreenFin will start to provide tailor made financing solutions to Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs).

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Eco-V Logo


GreenTower™ Hybrid solar water heating puts cash back in the consumer’s pocket!  Water saving and 90% electricity saving secures a financed lease and sustainable living.

GreenTower™ – Eco-V

More than 6Million geysers in SA contribute to load shedding with ±3GW in peak electricity demand. Water heating consumes 60% of the electricity in apartment buildings. Bathwater is classified as greywater with millions of litres of potentially useful water wasted.

GreenTower™ aims to dominate the renewable water heating market in Gauteng within 5 years with a focus on retirement villages, sectional title homes and mega housing projects. A single GreenTower™ appliance providing hot water to 10 apartments makes our product implementation more affordable than competing solutions.

The unique GreenTower™ appliance combines water conservation with the best energy efficiency in the market and is affordably priced to achieve payback in 3 years. A full service financed operational lease ensures that customers have a hassle free experience. Maintenance is included in a monthly rental fee with guaranteed 20% expense savings over a 5 year period. The Eco-V vision is to introduce sustainable living to all households in South Africa.

Rest Hill Alzheimers care

A GreenTower™operational lease at Rest Hill Alzheimers care facility will benefit up to 30 patients and staff

Andre Nel

Prof Andre Nel of Eco-V

GreenTower Allen Park

An installed GreenTower in Allen Park

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Meme 2


Concerns about greenhouse gases and pollution, a chronic shortage of parking space, soaring insurance and upkeep costs and high fuel prices have prompted a growing number of urban dwellers to ditch owning a car in favour of car-sharing.

A form of collaborative consumption, the growing car-sharing movement promotes access as an alternative to ownership that enhances urban mobility solutions.

In a first for South Africa, Locomute offers a membership-based car sharing network that offers short-term access to vehicles.  Members have 24/7 access to a network of cars parked at central locations across the city, usually near other transportation and business hubs.

Members locate, reserve and unlock an unattended, self-service vehicle using either their mobile phones or by swiping a membership card over the card reader on the windscreen. Users pay only for kilometres travelled and are billed per hour – fuel, maintenance, insurance and parking are all included in the experience.




locomute minis with logo

From minis to SUVs – Locomute provides a unique car-sharing service to suit all needs


locomute SUV

Woolworths logo


Running an efficient business, speaking to stakeholder needs and empowering communities are key to our Good Business Journey.

Woolworths Good Business Journey

Our Good Business Journey Programme, launched in April 2007, is a formalisation of our sustainability commitments. It spans eight focus areas – namely: Water; Energy; Sustainable Farming; Waste; Transformation, Social Development, Ethical Sourcing and Health & Wellness.

Being a finalist in the Ecologic awards “Business Green Economy Initiative” category for 2015 is recognition for a job well done.

In 2015, we rejuvenated our Good Business Journey strategy through to 2020 with the setting of new and more ambitious targets. We realise that embedding sustainability into how we operate, making it the DNA of how we operate, has become a non-negotiable business imperative for us.

Our mission in the next phase of our Good Business Journey strategy is to firmly entrench ourselves as a leader in the African and Australian marketplace, to ensure we deliver on our vision to be the most sustainable retailer in the southern hemisphere.