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This award is an accolade for a policy, programme or project that has demonstrably contributed to a greater public understanding and participation in waste reduction, re-use and recycling.




Our branded trolleys help recycling entrepreneurs earn cash from collecting thousands of tonnes of waste otherwise destined for landfill.

Abomakgereza – Unconventional Media

Each day, 43 000 recycling hustlers in South Africa struggle, hustle and fight to survive by collecting recyclable products. These often unacknowledged entrepreneurs fulfil a valuable service in that they collect recyclable materials, thus preventing tonnes of waste being sent to landfill.

Unconventional media uses outdoor media as a catalyst for positive social change. We provide free waste carts and protective gear to Waste Pickers. Our trusted team of Abomakgereza (Recycling Hustlers) take these trolleys around the busy streets of South Africa, and they keep all of the profits from the products they collect. They also share in advertising profits received from advertising on the trolleys.

They also receive additional income when servicing major events. To support Abomakgereza and the work they do, we have established a profit sharing scheme where 10% of the profits are distributed to our registered Abomakgerezas.





Branded Waste Trolleys!





Abomakgereza 1

Abomakgereza can also be hired to collect recyclables at large-scale events

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Many communities suffer the indignity of overflowing pit latrines. This doesn’t need to happen. Biotreat provides affordable sanitation and dignity for all.


BioTreat – BlueStream Environmental Sales and Technology (Pty) Ltd

BlueStream manufactures environmentally acceptable,  bio-degradable degreasers and cleaners.   With more than 15 years of research, this proudly South African company also developed and produces BioTreat – a natural product that offers long-term solutions for processing human and other waste. This fast-acting microbial-based product tackles human waste, reducing odours and deterring flies and other insects.

BioTreat works on site in municipal waste-water treatment works, septic tanks, pit latrines, oxidation ponds and bio filter lagoons. Once applied, strains of bacteria get to work to degrade tissue-paper, human solid-waste, fats, oils and grease at an accelerated rate. BioTreat offers an affordable solution to communities and municipal waste-water treatment works.

BioTreat reduces levels in pit toilets and septic tanks by 50% in 30 days! Combined with a major reduction in smell and flies, BioTreat delivers affordable sanitation and dignity for all.



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 The easy-to-use RecycleNet App connects businesses in the recycling sector, improving supply chain efficiency and opening access to markets.


This business-to-business app connects buyers and suppliers of recyclable materials. The world’s first app-based recycling market enables subscribers to list their stock, complete with description, photos and asking price. Even entry-level smart phones can search for up to 14 materials, from plastics to paper, e-waste and metals, plus find additional information relating to sub-grades, form and colour.

Users can set up notifications to indicate when materials become available and contact vendors directly via the app.

RecycleNet keeps stock moving through the value chain while staying abreast of price fluctuations. By improving supply chain efficiency and opening up access to markets, recycling businesses can thrive and prevent waste material ending up in landfills or littering the countryside.



The App lists stock, providing details of colour, type and more!

The App lists stock, providing details of colour, type and more!




This Green and Circular Economy initiative creates jobs and enterprises through starting projects that add value to recyclables locally.


USE-IT creates and facilitates projects within eThekwini municipality that add value to waste materials currently being sent to landfill or being exported with any additional processing. USE-IT has created over 2300 jobs since its inception in 2009 diverting over 60 000 tons of waste from being landfilled.

The diversion of waste from being landfilled realizes enormous carbon and water savings and prevents extraction of natural resources by reusing/recycling waste materials. For every Rand of funding received from eThekwini, we save the city R4.59in landfill diversion, illustrating that this is a cost-negative project for the city.

USE-IT’s projects include a commercial scale RamBrick project using waste soils and crushed builders rubble to produce low carbon, water and energy blocks for local building projects, waste upcycling training programs, e-waste recycling projects, glass processing for local value add, recycled plastic roof-tile manufacture and wide spread entrepreneur development. USE-IT in conjunction with eThekwini municipality is a leading example of what can be achieved if waste is seen as a resource and not a problem to be disposed of.

Ukewanje-computer-recycling-centre UDSE-IT

Staff at work … Ikewanje Computer Recycling Centre





Compressed-Earth-Block-Wall-Example USE-IT

Compressed Earth Block Wall



Don’t throw your old lights away – recycle them!

 Waste Lighting Lamp Recovery and Recycling – Reclite (Pty) Ltd

Nationwide, millions of lighting lamps are discarded into landfill each year. These quantities result in a high impact on the environment and reusable resources are lost. Reclite offers the alternative to landfill and can recover the resources for reuse by recycling all lighting lamps, such as compact fluorescent lamps (Cfl’s) Linear fluorescent lamps (tubes), High Intensity Discharge lamps (HID’s), Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)  and other associated lamp products such as fittings, ballasts etc. The lamps are separated into their component parts including the reclamation of the hazardous mercury therefore offering a complete recycling solution.

Founder, Patricia Schröder, pioneered lamp recycling in South Africa starting in 2009 working actively with the lighting industry successfully achieving a high level of awareness and education within South Africa. Reclite installed the first African state-of-the-art, Swedish MRT lamp processing plant in a world class facility that meets all the legislative and business to business requirements.


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Patricia Schroder - Reclite

Patricia Schroder of Reclite