Eco-Logic is an evolutionary step forward in human thinking and behaviour.

Human beings depend on the Earth’s Eco-systems for our survival. Yet our past values and thinking patterns have driven such destructive human behaviours that we now face environmental conditions that threaten human survival.

Or as Albert Einstein put it:

‘The world today has problems that cannot be solved by thinking in the same way we thought when we created them.’

The Enviropaedia identified the seven most destructive thinking patterns that have caused today’s environmental challenges, then put forward an alternative, seven-rooted value system called Eco-Logic – designed to build and support a healthier planet and society as follows:

1.      Disconnection and destruction of Nature Harmony and synergy with Nature

2.      Short term thinking → Long-term thinking and planning

3.      Specialised and silo thinking → Systems thinking and holistic perspectives

4.      Ego-centricity Care and consideration for the whole of Earth’s community ( UBUNTU )

5.      Greed and unrestrained consumerism  Appreciation of non-materialistic assets and quality based ethical consumerism

6.      Business and Science devoid of compassion → Inclusion of Emotional Intelligence that facilitates ‘Wiser’ decisions and actions

7.      Doom and gloom about the environment → An inspirational and aspirational→ vision of a beautiful and harmonious world that we can create and live in.

These ‘Roots of Eco-Logic’ form the judging criteria the Eco-Logic Awards.