The 13 Eco-Logic Categories:

1. The Biodiversity Award
Awarded to an organisation for a successful biodiversity protection, rehabilitation, or damage mitigation programme

2. The Climate Change Award
Awarded to an organisation that has achieved a substantial reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions

3. The Eco-Innovation Award
For a new product or service that is financially viable and sustainable, that serves the needs of humans whilst being equally beneficial to the Earth and its eco-systems

4. The Recycling and Waste Management Award
For a policy, programme or project that has demonstrably contributed to a greater public understanding and participation in waste reduction, re-use and recycling

5. The Eco-Build Award
For innovations, adaptations, products or services that improve the environmental sustainability and/or resilience of a (new or existing) building.

6. The Water Conservation Award
For a product or service that results in water saving

7. The Green Economy Award
For a business organisation that provides a product, service or programme that supports the growth of the Green Economy in South Africa.

8.The Eco-Community Award
For a community that has acted collectively to protect, preserve, or restore the Earths life forms, eco-systems, or natural resources

9. The Eco-Youth Award
For an individual of 26 years or under who can show that their actions have protected, preserved or improved the Earth’s eco-systems and natural resources

10. The Eco-Angel Award
For an individual, whose actions have conserved, nurtured or restored the Earth’s life forms, eco-systems, or natural resources

11. The Eco-Warrior Award
For an individual, whose actions have defended, protected or prevented damage to the Earth’s life forms, eco-systems, or natural resources.

12. The Municipalities Award
For a municipality that is developing solutions using its risk assessment and management expertise, forming strategic partnerships to improve sustainability, as well as service delivery in municipal functions.

Priority will be given to Disaster Risk Management measures and programmes to:
1. Reduce the fire risk in the municipal jurisdiction
2. Create fire breaks in the wild urban interface
3. Clear alien vegetation
4. Build capacity in their fire stations to effectively fight fires
5. Train firefighters
6. Raise community awareness around disaster prevention and response
7. Reduce disaster risks amongst vulnerable communities
8.  Assess buildings to check compliance with fire risk prevention and management
9. Put bylaws in place which encourages pro-active risk management and preparedness.

Enter the Awards

You are invited to enter your organisation, project or product if you believe it has been making contribution towards creating an eco-logical society and environment.

Nominate an Eco-Champion

You are invited to nominate an eco-champion that you believe is making a positive contribution towards creating an eco-logical society and environment – or nominate your own organisation, product or project